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MySwedish is evolving, it is a living project that grows and becomes better every day. New links are added regularly whenever I come across something interesting. You should visit this page from time to time. Feel free to write me a message if you have something interesting online. I will share it with the others.

Useful links

MySwedish is great, no doubt about it. But it is not an all-in-one learning tool and you should combine it with other sources. And there are dozens of great things out there on the internet.

Online translation

First of all, do not use Google translator. Forget about it. I know that it is becoming better and better but still it is a far cry from being perfect.


Would you need to translate anything from English to Swedish, use ord.se. Not only is there the exact translation of the word you are looking for, but also phrasal examples using this word.


Wordreference a very nice online tool where you can find not only translations but also language forums and there is one on Nordic languages as well.


Once you become better at Swedish you will probably want to find synonyms to the words you already know in Swedish. You can find them on synonymer.se.


I can make the case that you need to find a rhym to a certain word in Swedish and rimlexikon.com can help you out.

Web/mobile applications

There are many nice online tools for studying foreign languages and many of them are for free and in a premium quality.


I bet you have heard about Duolingo. It is an awesome tool and makes studying easy and enjoyable. I would highly recommend this app for anybody who studies foreign languages. And it is for free as well.


Another good web app, which one can use while studying foreign languages, is memrise.com. This one is not bad but one should be careful with their translations. I would recommend to double-check them elsewhere. Anyhow, it is a valuable source of information for you.


A very good page where one can find various study materials. You can choose your level and then listen, read and study new vocabulary here. You can find them on digitalasparet.se.

Extend your vocabulary

There are several web sites providing new vocabulary on a daily basis. Some of them send you new words every day. Could it even be more comfortable?


Dailyswedish.com Can help you set your daily studying routine. Each day, five new Swedish words appear on this web and once you think you know these words well you can check your memory and take a quiz.


Trasnparent.com is an online learning platform but the service is paid. However, they provide users with a nice service Word of the day. You can subscribe and get new word directly to your inbox every day.

Read, listen and watch

The real language challenge starts with the real situations. Push yourself and challenge your langugage skills by listening to Swedish radio, watching tv and reading news online.

Sveriges Radio

Din Gata live broadcasting from Malmö, Sweden.


You can listen to the news adjusted for beginners on Klartext.

Sveriges tv

Svtplay.se is a Swedish tv with online programmes. You can even turn on subtitles to make it easier for you in the beginning.


You can find daily news from Sweden and from all over the world on 8sidor.se. It is using a language that is understandable for beginners.


Wikipedia is a great open project and it is available in Swedish as well. Use it and extend your vocabulary.


Here is a list of songs with Swedish lyrics:

Håkan Hellström - Det kommer aldrig va över för mig Lyrics

Kent - Dom andra Lyrics

Lisa Ekdahl - Benen i kors Lyrics

Peps Persson - Oh Boy lyrics

Oskar Linnros - "Hur dom än" Lyrics

Veronica Maggio - Jag Kommer Lyrics

Veronica Maggio - Mitt hjärta blöder Lyrics

Online games

There are many nice educational games online. You can start with those listed below.


One can find many nice games on elevspel.se. Sometimes it is a good way how to relax a bit and learn new words simultaneously.

Svenska dagbladet

It is a nice web site with much interesting information and with online cross-word games. It is unfortunately not for free but you can download their application on i-Tunes for free.


First of all there are these great social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where you can find literally everything. Secondly you can check the links below for more information about Sweden and life there.

Newbie Guide to Sweden. New in Sweden? Does everything seem a bit confusing? At the NEWBIE GUIDE they help you make sense of everything new.

Sweden.se is the official site of the Swedish government.

. . .

And if you have made it all the way down to these lines, congratulations! You are a determined person and you will achieve your goal and you will master Swedish sooner or later.

Good luck with your Swedish journey!

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