7 Things that change when moving to a new country

What does it give and what does it take when moving ot a new country?

Hello beautiful reader, today I would like to share with you what I have learnt when moving to a new country.

Moving to new country goes hand in hand with a lot of changes. Some of these changes are quite unpleasant but the others, on the other hand, are really awesome. Here comes my list of 7 things I have learnt after moving to a new country.

Moving to a new country
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1. Friends

You have a lot of friends from high school and college and you have met a whole bunch of fantastic people while working. The sad fact is that you are going to lose most of your old friends after you have moved to a new country.

You can always use Skype or Messenger to keep in touch with your friends. But after a certain period of time the relationship becomes a bit loose and the conversation somehow flat. This is due to the fact that you don’t spend time together and have no new memories and experiences worth remembering and talking about.

The good thing is that only the strongest and deepest friendships prevailand that is what matters. And you can count on the fact that you are going to meet a lot of new interesting people in your new country and these people become your friends after all.

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2. Language

Learn the new language as fast as you can. It takes courage and you literally need to step outside your comfort zone and try to speak the language from day one. Take every chance to speak, practice and sharpen your language skills.The natives will appreciate it and it will be much easier for you to integrate the society.

Sometimes you need to pretend that you understand and here comes “fake it until you make it” in handy. The knowledge of the language can make or break your experience in the new country. The best approach (at least for me) is to learn the language as a small child, simply as it comes. You actually don’t need books, grammar exercises or any other formal education. Simply go to the park and listen to the people, go to the grocery shop and try to catch up as much as you can, turn on the tv and listen to the news or buy your favourite book and start reading it in the new language.

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3. Loneliness

Get ready to feel a bit lonely and even homesick from time to time. But don’t let these feelings get too deep. Falling into loneliness and depression is really dangerous. Do you feel down? Try to remember why you are here. Maybe it was you dream to live abroad, it is easy to forget your inner why but that is your engine, that is the fire that keeps you on track. Never forget your inner why.

Feeling homesick? My advice is simple: Don’t think about what is going on back in your home country. Don’t be melancholic and don’t daydreamabout good old times. It doesn’t help, it does the exact opposite.

The best way to fight loneliness it to go out and meet new people. Is there something you always wanted to try but never had “enough time” for it? This is the right time to try belly dance, take drawing lessons or start writing your own book. The choice is yours. Don’t let loneliness take over your days.

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4. Time to think

Moving to a new country gives you the opportunity to think about your life, evaluate your interests, put yourself together and find out who you actually are as a human being. There are no old routines and no set rules. You have the opportunity to turn the page and start writing the story from the beginning. This is the time when you can find out how you are and what your goals are in life. Take your time and write everything down. Keeping a diary could be a good option to sort out your thoughts and feelings.

Moving to a new country is going to change you. Try to become a better version of yourself. This is your chance to make it right this time. Don’t be afraid and lose yourself to whatever feels right.

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5. Family

The truth is that you are not going to meet your family as often as you were used to before you moved to your new country. The relationships somehow become deeper, warmer and more mature. Your family and you will truly appreciate every second you will get together.

There is no need to call your parents every day but make sure to let them know that you are doing well and everything is going as planned. They are waiting for such news.

Moving to a new country
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6. Administrative hell

Moving to a new country could be really demanding when it comes to administration. There are millions and zillions of things you need to get done before you move and after you have moved. It takes a lot of patience and it costs a lot of money to get it all done.

No matter how much you are prepared there is always a desk officer waiting to ruin your plans. Take a deep breath, fix everything that you need to fix and cross your fingers. You will get everything you need sooner or later (count on later or even much later than you ever imagined it could be).

Moving to a new country
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7. New chance

This is the best part of the whole process. Moving to a new country is your new chance. A new chance to create your life. A new chance to meet interesting people, find an interesting job, get to know a new culture, taste new food, find your limits and go far beyond them to overcome the whole process of moving and settling in a new country. After all you will be stronger, happier and you will finally understand that only the sky is the limit because you can do everything you have in your mind.

Call to action

What are you afraid of? or what was to most difficult part when you moved or intended to move to another country? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for taking your time reading the article and I am looking forward to see your comments in the section below. Don’t forget to study with pleasure and joy.

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