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The tools you need to speak Swedish fluently

Welcome to the MySwedish resources page, a curated list of the tools and websites that are strongly recommended for growing your language skills. Many of the tools listed here have been tried and tested by MySwedish. These valuable resources will also help you get started in the right direction.

Language applications


Duolingo is an awesome tool and makes studying easy and enjoyable. I would highly recommend this app for anybody who studies foreign languages.


Memrise is a valuable source of vocabulary and other study materials. You can even create your own lessons on Memrise and share it with others.


A very good page where one can find various study materials. You can choose your level and then listen, read and study new vocabulary there.

Would you need to translate anything from English to Swedish, use You get the exact translation of the word you are looking for with examples.
Once you become better at Swedish you will probably want to find synonyms to the words you already know in Swedish. You can find them on

Wordreference a very nice online tool where you can find not only translations but also language forums and there is one on Nordic languages as well.

Watch, read and listen

sverige radio

You can listen to news adjusted for beginners with Klartext. The pace, the pronunciation and the vocabulary used in the news are just right.

svt play is a Swedish tv with online programmes (news, series, movies etc). You can even turn on subtitles to make it easier for you in the beginning.


You can find daily news from Sweden and from all over the world on It is using a language that is understandable for beginners.

Extend your vocabulary


The easiest way to start is with Pod101’s Word of the Day. Perfect for complete beginners and anyone that wants to learn more Swedish words.

Transparent language provides users with a nice service Word of the day. You can subscribe and get new word directly into your inbox every day.

Swedish flag

I can make the case that you need to find a rhyme to a certain word in Swedish and can help you out with finding rhymes pretty well.

Online games


One can find many nice games on Sometimes it is a good way how to relax a bit and learn new words simultaneously, win win .

svenska korsord

Are you looking for crosswords for your printed publications or for your website? Then you have found the right place. A great way to broaden your vocabulary.


Are you looking for crosswords for your printed publications or for your website? Then you have found the right place. A great way to broaden your vocabulary.

Other valuable resources


This website is an official source for facts about Sweden. It is publicly funded and produced, developed, maintained and operated by the Swedish Institute.

Newbie guide to Sweden
Welcome to the Newbie Guide to Sweden. New in Sweden? Does everything seem a bit confusing? Here we help you make sense of everything.
Din Gata

Live broadcasting from Malmö, Sweden. Sit back ,relax and listen to the good vibes and beats of the popular broadcasting Din Gata (Your Street). 

Send us your secret Swedish resources

Have we missed anything? Do you have some other resources and would you like to share them with others? Send us a message so we can add your favourite study materials and make MySwedish even better.

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