Lesson 11 | Numbers in Swedish

We are going to talk about cardinal numbers in today’s lesson. Three, two one let’s go!

MySwedish Lesson 11 Numbers in Swedish

Cardinal numbers

Let me start with the basic cardinal numbers from zero to ten.

zero — NOLL
one — ETT, two — TVÅ
three — TRE
four — FYRA
five — FEM
six — SEX
seven — SJU
eight — ÅTTA
nine — NIO
ten — TIO

Good job! Now we can count to ten. There is one number that you should be aware of and it’s number seven. I used to mix it up with sjö which stands for lake in the Swedish language. Ok, after a short break we should continue to 20.

eleven — ELVA
twelve — TOLV
thirteen — TRETTON
fourteen — FJORTON
fifteen — FEMTON
sixteen — SEXTON
seventeen — SJUTTON
eighteen — ARTON
nineteen — NITTON
twenty — TJUGO

Now we only need to take a few steps forward to learn all the other numbers…

twenty-one — TJUGOETT
twenty-two — TJUGOTVÅ
thirty — TRETTIO
forty — FYRTIO
fifty — FEMTIO
sixty — SEXTIO
seventy — SJUTIO
eighty — ÅTTIO
ninety — NITTIO
hundred — HUNDRA
Numbers in Swedish

I have one joke for you: What did the 0 say to the 8? „Nice belt“. Funny, right? Ok, back to business.

one hundred and one — HUNDRA ETT
two hundred — TVÅHUNDRA
three hundred — TREHUNDRA
thousand — TUSEN
ten thousand — TIO TUSEN
one million — EN MILJON
one billion — EN MILJARD

Let me make one side note. You never say and between long numbers in Swedish. If we have 3.658 for instance, it would be tretusensexhundrafemtioåtta.

Ordinal numbers:

The second part of the lesson are the ordinal numbers and basic mathematical operators. Let’s get the ball rolling!

We are talking about numbers, right? But we still don’t know what’s the Swedish expression for a number. It’s ett tal.

first — FÖRSTA
second — ANDRA
third — TREDJE
fourth — FJÄRDE
fifth — FEMTE
sixth — SJÄTTE
seventh — SJUNDE
eighth — ÅTTONDE
ninth — NIONDE
tenth — TIONDE

Ok, this is little bit complicated and we need an intermission right now to be able to digest more information later on. Do you know why number 6 was afraid of the number 7? Because 7 ate 9.

eleventh — ELFTE
twelfth — TOLFTE
thirteenth — TRETTONDE
fourteenth — FJORTONDE
fifteenth — FEMTONDE
sixteenth — SEXTONDE
seventeenth — SJUTTONDE
eighteenth — ARTONDE
nineteenth — NITTONDE
twentieth — TJUGONDE

Mathematical operations

minus (-) MINUS
plus (+) PLUS
times (x) GÅNGER
divided (/) — DELAT MED

Great job! We have finished our next lesson and now we know all the numbers in Swedish! See you in the very next lesson.

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