Lesson 12 | News in Swedish

Hi, I’ve decided to change the course a little bit. Several upcoming lessons are going to deal with basic phrases. I would like to introduce you to the language which is spoken in newspapers, in the street, at restaurants or in cafes and so on. I hope that you will like the change and that it will boost our studying pace. Klara, färdiga, gå!

MySwedish Lesson 12 News in Swedish

News in Swedish

I have chosen several phrases from the news. I like sport so why not start with that? We are going to talk about football now.

En viktig match för Svenskarna

Sveriges landslag ska spela mot Ryssland i kväll. Det är en jätte viktig match för Sverige. Sverige måste vinna om de vill spela i EM nästa år. Det är inte klart om Zlatan kommer att spela eftersom han skadade sig i Frankrike. Lycka till Sverige.

An important match for Sweden

The Swedish national team is going to play against Russia this evening It is a very important match for Sweden. Sweden has to win if they want to play in the European Championship next year. It is not clear whether Zlatan will play or not because he has injured himself in France. Good luck Sweden.

What do you think about a lesson like this? Fair and square, right? We have learnt new vocabulary used in whole sentences. Once you are ready, hit The Next Lesson button.

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