Lesson 13 | Transportation in Swedish

This lesson deals with basic phrases connected to transportation and commuting. I hope that these phrases will come in handy.

MySwedish Lesson 1 Alphabet & Introduction


Let’s start with some basic vocabulary and become familiar with some means of transportation.

en bil — a car
en buss — a bus
ett tåg — a train
ett flygplan — an aircraft
en färja — a ferry
en båt — a boat
en cykel — a bicycle

There are many people riding bikes in Sweden and that’s why we start with the following phrase.

Cyklade du till jobbet idag?
Did you go to work by bike today?

If it’s not possible to ride a bike and you have to use another means of transport these phrases may occur:

Körde du bil eller tog du tåget idag?
Did you drive or take a train today
Får man parkera här?
Can one park here?

The following phrases would be helpful while driving a car.

Vill du köra?
Do you want to drive?
Jag har inget körkort.
I do not have a driver’s license.
Du har en fin bil
You have a nice car.
Sväng vänster.
Turn left.
Sväng höger.
Turn right.
Gå rakt fram.
Go straight ahead.

And once you choose a bus/train, you would like to know where the bus stops, how much a ticket costs or how long it takes to get to Stockholm.

Stannar bussen/tåget i Malmö?
Does the bus/train stop in Malmö?
Hur mycket kostar en biljett (till Malmö), tack?
How much is a ticket (to Malmö), please?
Hur långt är det till Stockholm?
How many kilometers is it to Stockholm?
Det är 600 kilometer till Stockholm
It is 600 kilometers to Stockholm.
Hur lång tid tar det (att köra) till Göteborg?
How long does it take to get to Gothenburg?
Det tar fem timmar till Göteborg.
It takes five hours to get to Gothenburg.
Hur många stationer är det till flygplatsen?
How many stations are there to the airport?

Ok, that’s it. Now we know some new words and useful phrases. Keep up the good work and study hard!

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