Lesson 15 | My daily routine in Swedish

Hello and welcome to my Swedish course again. Today’s lesson deals with vocabulary concerning our daily routine. I hope you will like it.

MySwedish Lesson 15 My daily routine in Swedish

My daily routine

During a daily routine we can manage a lot of things and tasks. Let me start with the most challenging part of the day, which is the process of waking up.

Min väckarklocka ringer klockan sex.
My alarm rings at 6 am.
Jag vaknar klockan tio över sex.
I wake up at 10 minutes past 6 am.
Jag är kissnödig.
I need to pee.
Jag borstar mina tänder
I brush my teeth.
Jag tvättar mitt ansikte.
I wash my face.
Jag äter frukost.
I eat breakfast.

Let’s say that we are talking about the work days now and in the Swedish language we call these days vardagar. I usually go to work right after breakfast and other phrases come as follows:

Jag åker till jobbet med tåg.
I commute to the work by train.
När är jag på jobbet, så måste jag läsa och skriva mejl.
I have to write and emails when I am at work.
Sen äter jag mellanmål.
Then I eat snacks.
Sen äter jag lunch med mina kompisar.
Then I eat lunch with my friends.

There are many other activities that we do as the day goes by, which one is the next? I usually go back to my office and start working again. Later, in the afternoon, there is time for fika which is a very special Swedish word that will be explained in this lesson as well.

Efter lunch går jag tillbaka till mitt kontor.
I am going back to my office after lunch.
Vi har ett stort mötet efter lunch.
We have a big meeting after lunch.
What is fika?

What is fika

Here we go, fika, that is not an ordinary word that could be translated easily. Fika is something very special for Swedes. Fika could be a noun as well as a verb. I have come across one really nice definition of this word (or habit) that explains it perfectly. Let me quote it:

“Fika is usually translated as a break for coffee and a bite to eat. But really it’s much more than that! It’s a moment to relax, to catch up with your family and to laugh with your friends. It’s making up for lost time or part of your daily ritual. A cosy escape or a refreshing pause. It’s the time between meals. the place between destinations. There’s always time for fika…”

Sen åker jag tillbaka hem.
Then I go back home.
Jag kör min bil för att köpa mat till min familj.
I drive my car to buy food for my family.
Sen leker jag med mina barn.
Then I play with my children.
Jag äter middag med min familj.
I have dinner with my family.

One can do many other activities in the afternoon. I am going to add some more phrases that could be useful and that reveal us new vocabulary.

Jag tränar med mitt lag.
I am training with my team.
Vi tittar på film.
We watch a movie.
Jag läser en bok.
I read a book.
Jag tar en dusch.
I have a shower.
Klockan tjugotre — sovdags.
11pm — it is time to sleep.

We have gone through the whole day. We have new vocabulary to study and more is coming soon. Don’t forget to like MySwedish on Facebook and spread it like the wild fire. Vi ses!

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