Lesson 17 | Tongue twisters in Swedish

This is our 17th lesson and I have decided to make it funny. Do you like tongue twisters and do you know any in your language? You can share it with us in the comment section.

MySwedish Lesson 17 Tongue twisters in Swedish

Swedish tongue twisters

It is always fun to try new tongue twisters. I am usually not able to make them even in my mother tongue and the more I try the funnier it is. Are you ready to twist your tongue?

Sex laxar i en laxask.
Six salmons in a salmon-box.
Får får får? Får får inte får, får får lamm.
Do sheep get sheep? Sheep don’t get sheep, sheep get lamb.

This one is really funny and it is a pun as well. I really like it. I guess that you couldn’t find anything like this in any other language. Here comes next.

Sju sjösjuka sjömän sköttes av sju sköna sjuksköterskor.
Seven seasick sailors were cared for by seven beautiful nurses.
Flyg, fula fluga, flyg! Och den fula flugan flög.
Fly, ugly fly, fly! And the ugly fly flew.
Sjuttiosju skönsjungande sjuksköterskor.
77 nicely singing nurses.
Mamma, packa pappas kappsäck!
Mom, pack daddy’s suitcase!

Ladies and gentlemen, make some noise here comes the ultimate, ultra twisting super twister. Can you make it?

Sjuttiosju sjösjuka sjömän sköttes av sju sköna sjuksköterskor på skeppet Shanghai.
 Seventy-seven seasick sailors were looked after by seven lovely nurses on the ship Shanghai.

If you want more feel free to browse the internet there are dozens of tongue twisters all around the web. You can check this video to hear some of them in use.

That is all for today. Stay tuned and see you very soon.

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