Lesson 19 | My family in Swedish

This lesson is about family and family members. Let’s become familiar with all important words that will be used in phrases and whole sentences. There are some nice and special things about the names of family members in the Swedish language.

MySwedish Lesson 19 Family in Swedish

My Family in Swedish

We are building our Swedish skills step by step and we are doing a really good job, in my humble opinion. Family is a really common conversational topic and when it comes to family, there are many words and phrases that can occur during a conversation. Klara, färdiga, gå!

Vi har en stor familj.
We have a big family.
Har du några syskon?
Do you have any siblings?
Jag har två bröder och en syster.
I have two brothers and one sister.
Jag bor med mamma och pappa.
I live with mom and dad.
Det är inte min syster, det är min kusin.
It is not my sister, it is my cousin.

So far so good, right? Now it is time to explain the difference between mormor and farmor, both mean grandmother. Why do Swedes distinguish between these two? Let me shed a little light on it. The first one is mother’s mother and the second one is father’s mother. To simplify that, we can split the word mormor into two parts and the second one indicates that it is grandmother and the first one says whose mother it is (mother’s or father’s). It takes some time to get used to it.

Min pappas föräldrar, farmor och farfar, bor i Stockholm.
My dad’s parents, grandmother and grandfather, live in Stockholm.
Min mammas syster är min moster.
My mother’s sister is my aunt.
Min pappas bror är min farbror.
My dad’s brother is my uncle.
MySwedish, Lesson 19 - My Family

We are now half way through and it is time to relax a little bit and get ready to ingest new words and phrases. There are still some family members left!

Jag känner din svärfar bra.
I know your father-in-law well.
Din brors fru är din svägerska.
Your brother´s wife is you sister-in-law.
De är alltid glada när deras barnbarn hälsar på.
They are always happy when their grandchildren come ad visit.

Is there anything left? I would say so. One can get married, divorced or have a baby. Here comes the last group of phrases.

I år ska vi gifta oss.
We are going to get married this year.
Han är gift.
He is married.
Min farbror är änkling.
My uncle is widower.
Min syster är skild.
My sister is divorced.
Hon är med barn.
She is pregnant.
Snart får jag en liten brorson.
I will have a nephew soon.
Vi har två barn. En son och en dotter.
We have two children. One son and one daughter.

Phew, we are finished, finally! I can hear you breathe a sigh of relief. We have learned a whole bunch of new phrases today. Bra jobbat. Vi ses!

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