Lesson 23 | Food, eating and meals in Swedish II

Welcome back to our Swedish learning corner, it’s nice to have you here. Today we’re going to add vocabulary connected with food and eating. I hope that you’ll enjoy the lesson. Don’t forget to like MySwedish on Facebook and feel free to drop me a line, I’m waiting for your messages.

MySwedish Lesson 23 Food and eating

The Swedish Alphabet

Food, we all love it and we cannot live without it. Let’s start with the basic vocabulary:

en frukost — a breakfast
en lunch — a lunch
en middag — a dinner
ett mellanmål — a snack
en förrätt — an appetizer
en huvudrätt — a main course
en efterrätt — a dessert

There you go, it is not that difficult, right? The only word, which is a bit tricky, is en middag. For me it sounds much more like something in the middle of the day. Nevertheless, it is a lunch.

It is time to add a list with the types of food that one can eat:

kött — meat
fläskkött — pork
nötkött — beef
lammkött — lamb
får kött — mutton
en fisk — a fish
en kräfta — a cray fish
skaldjur — seafood
frukt — fruit
grönsaker — vegetables
bröd — bread
en bulle — a bun
nötter — nuts
vegetarisk mat — vegetarian food

What a long list we have made! This lesson is not that fun so far, sorry about that. But we need to ingest new vocabulary to boost our fluency process.

Since berries are very popular in Sweden, it would be a colossal mistake not making a list of them. Here come the berries:

ett blåbär — a blueberry
 ett hallon — a raspberry
 en jordgubbe — a strawberry
 ett vinbär — a currant
 ett krusbär — a gooseberry
 ett tranbär — a cranberry
 ett björnbär — a blackberry

We are still far cry from finishing this lesson. But I feel that we need to do a little pause here. There is an entertaining serie going on TV which is called “Welcome to Sweden”. It is about a guy from the USA who just has moved to Sweden to live there with his girlfriend. I find the series amusing and somehow educative by the same token. One can learn something about Sweden, Swedes and their habits and nature. Google it and give it a try.

Back to business. How about adding more vocabulary … I knew that you would like it:

potatis — potatoes
 ris — rice
 sås — sauce
 en soppa — a soup
 smör — butter
 skinka — ham
 grädde — cream
 ett ägg — an egg
 ost — cheese

I can see you bored face, let me make it more spicy then:

salt — salt
socker — sugar
peppar — pepper
kummin — cumin
kanel — cinnamon
gräslök — chive
persilja — parsley
saffran — saffron

That was exhausting, I know. The up-coming lessons are going to be dedicated to fruit and vegetables and I will add some pictures to make it easier to digest.

And what is on schedule next? We need to add more vocabulary, in my humble opinion, that is why the forth-coming lesson will be the vocabulary builders with the following topics: my house and housing, my city and my clothes. I will add as many new words as possible and phrases as well.

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