Lesson 26 | Fruit in Swedish

Hello and welcome again to MySwedish learning course. This is our 26th lesson and we are on a good track! Today we are going to talk about fruit. Let’s get the ball rolling!

MySwedish Lesson 26 Fruit

Fruit in Swedish

First things first, the list of the most common fruit is waiting for you:

ett äpple — an apple
ett päron — a pear
en banan — a banana
en grapefrukt — a grapefruit
en lime — a lime
en passionsfrukt — a passion fruit

We are warming up, good job! We have talked about berries in one of the previous lessons and I forgot to mention one nice phrase connected to them. You can use it while speaking of cute and small children. It is as follows: Lika som bär.

Let’s learn seven more new words:

en kokosnöt — a coconut
en clementin — a clementine
en persika — a peach
en nektarin — a nectarine
en aprikos — an apricot
ett plommon — a plum
en vattenmelon — a watermelon

Let me add a few phrases. It is always better to see the whole sentence instead of the word standing all alone:

Han är som en kokosnöt — hårt skal men mjuk insidan.
He is like a coconut — hard shell but soft inside.
Clementiner är både goda och nyttiga.
Clementines are both tasty and nutritious.
Varför är bananer böjda?
Why are bananas curved?

So far so good. Until now it has been easy. Most of the words were English “friends” and sounded familiar. But now come the enemies:

Det finns flera tusen olika sorters druvor i världen. – There are thousands types of grapes in the world.
Såhär skär man en ananas. –This is how to cut a pineapple.
Att äta en apelsin varje dag är bra för din hälsa. – To eat one orange every day is good for your health.
Det är surt som en citron. – It is sour like a lemon.

Speaking of citron reminds me of another word, which is en citronfjäril. Can you guess the meaning? Yes, en fjäril is a butterfly. And this butterfly is the brimstone butterfly in English. Another compound word could be citronsaftwhich is a lemon juice.

Det är bäst att inte dricka mjölk till körsbär. – It is best not to drink milk with cherries.
Dadlar är frukt som ger dig energi. – Dates is fruit that gives you energy.

That is all for today’s lesson. We are now able to speak about nearly all types of fruit. Good job!

The next lesson is going to be about vegetables. See you soon, bye bye!

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