Lesson 27 | Vegetables in Swedish

Hello and welcome again. This is our 27th lesson, keep up the good work! Today we are going to talk about vegetables. Klara, färdiga, gå!

MySwedish Lesson 1 Alphabet & Introduction

Vegetables in Swedish

The Swedish language is full of compound words, sometimes it does not make any sense (smörgås for instance), but sometimes it is completely meaningful. Speaking of meaningful compound words, grön saker would be a perfect fit. While grön is green and saker means things in English. All-together=VEGETABLES.

Let’s make a list with the most essential vocabulary:

en potatis — a potatoe
en tomat — a tomato
en paprika — a pepper
en morot — a carrot
persilja — parsley
en lök — an onion
en vitlök — a garlic
gräslök — chives
en purjolök — a leek
kål — cabbage
sallad — lettuce
en broccoli — a broccoli
en zucchini — a zucchini
en selleri — a celery
en pumpa — a pumpkin
en gurka — a cucumber
en aubergine — an aubergine/an eggplant
en svamp — a mushroom

I personally like the lök group of vegetables the most, it is pretty straightforward and substantial, isn’t it? Let me put some of the above mentioned words into useful phrases:

Röd som en tomat.
Red as a beetroot.
Prata persilja.
Talk rubbish.
Lägga lök på laxen.
Make matters worse.


MySwedish vegetables – The Princess on the Pea.

Let’s continue with the more advanced/difficult vocabulary. I will add some pictures to make it colourful and easily digestible.

En sparris

An Asparagus

Att äta sparris är bra för din hälsa.

Eating asparagus is good for your health.

En majskolv

A corn cob

En majskolv är gul och söt.

A corn cob is yellow and sweet.

Ett blomkål

A cauliflower

Blom kål

Bloom cabbage

En ärta

A pea

Prinsessan på ärten.

The Princess on the Pea.

Let’s call it a day! Now we know nearly everything about food. We can follow Swedish cook books and try something new. See you soon in our next lesson.

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