Lesson 28 | Writing a letter

Today we are going to write our first letter/mail in Swedish to make the course more practical again. We are going to learn how to start the letter, which sentences we could use in the beginning and how to end the letter.

MySwedish Lesson 28 Writing a letter

Writing a letter

Let me guide you through the phrases that may be used while writing a letter. We shall start with some examples of informal letter openings:

Hejsan Hedvig,
Hi Hedvig,
Hej mamma och pappa,
Hi mom and dad,
Min kära,
My Dear,
Bästa Ulrika,
Dear Ulrika,
Min älskling,
My Love,

And how to start a formal letter? You can always open it with Hej Henrik, …that is ok. If you want to write a letter/mail as an employee for your customers you could use the following:

Kära kunder
 Dear clients
The main body of the letter/mail can be various, nevertheless these phrases could be hlepful:
Tack för ditt brev.
Thank you for your letter.
Hur mår du?
How are you?
Jag mår jätte bra.
I am great.
Jag hoppas att du mår bra.
I hope that you are fine.
Jag hoppas att allt är bra med dig.
I hope that everything is ok.

You know some of the above mentioned phrases, I guess. Repetition is a key to Mastery, right? We should move to the why-do-we-even-write point and add more phrases for the possible beginnings of our letter:

Jag skriver för att berätta att …
I am writing to tell you that …
Har du några planer för …
Do you have any plans for …
Det glädjer mig att höra att …
I am delighted to hear that …
Jag var så ledsen att höra att …
I was so sorry to hear that …
May you need to write a short message and wish all the best, these phrases could do the job for you:
Grattis på födelsedagen!
Happy birthday!
God Jul och Gott Nytt År!
Merry Christmas and happy new year!

We have written down everything we wanted to and now it is time to say good bye and end the letter like a pro. The letter endings:

Hälsa Oskar från mig.
Say hello to Oskar from me.
Skriv tillbaka snart.
Reply soon.
Sköt om dig.
Take care.
Många kramar,
All my love,
Varma hälsningar,
Best wishes,
And my favourites:
Puss och kram,
Love and kiss,
Stora pussar och kramar,
Much more kisses and love,

If you are intending to end letter in a more formal way, use these sentences:

Jag ser fram emot att höra från dig snart.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Med vänliga hälsningar,
Kind Regards,

You can come across MVH in Swedish. It is an abbreviation of the last phrase: Med Vänliga Hälsningar.

Good job! We have written our first letter together! I hope that this lesson was useful. See you soon, bye bye!

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