Lesson 33 | Confusing words in Swedish

Hello my students, today we are going to talk about words that may cause some trouble without a proper explanation. Get ready for today’s lesson!

MySwedish Lesson 33 Confusing words

Confusing words in Swedish

This lesson is going to teach us the difference and the usage of the following words: BRA, GOTT, GODA, GOD, LITEN, LILLA, SMÅ. Using these words properly makes us sound more native and feel more confident.

I am going to start with BRA, shall I? What does say about this word? Generally speaking, the word bra means GOOD, DECENT, EXCELLENT. Please note that you CANNOT use bra when referring to something tasty/good. When speaking about food, always use GOTT, GOD, GODA. Take a look at the examples below, that show bra in sentences:

Vad bra!
How nice!
Det är bra.
It is just right.
De dansar bra.
They dance well.

Let’s move on and take a look at GOD, GOTT, GODA now. The word GOD refers to GOOD, KIND, PLEASANT, AGREEABLE, NICE according to our friend

Use GOD while speaking about EN words. The most common expression could be as follows:

God natt!
Good night!
God Jul!
Merry Christmas.

GOTT is used with ETT words. See the examples below:

Gott nytt år.
Happy New Year.
Det var jättegott.
It was very tasty.

When do we use GODA? It is a plural form for both gott and god.

Ett gott äpple.
A good/tasty apple.
Flera goda äpplen.
Several good apples.
En god ost.
A good cheese.
Flera goda ostar.
Several good cheeses.

And the cherry on top — GUD which means GOD in English. I hope that all the above made this a bit more clear.

Let’s move to the group dealing with SMALL things. Again, our good advisor says that LITEN, SMÅ, LILLA, LITET stands for SMALL, LITTLE, TINY.What is the catch then? The sentences below explain it better than thousand words:

Ett litet äpple.
A small apple.
En liten ekorre.
A small squirrel.
Mitt lilla äpple.
My small apple.
Min lilla ekorre.
My small squirrel.
Flera små äpplen.
Several small apples.
Mina små äpplen.
My small apples.

What really matters is the gender and the number of the noun. One last note, LILA means PURPLE.

Good job! We are finished. Now you can translate this sentence: Min lilla flicka i lila kläder har ett litet äpple i sina små händer.

See you soon in the next lesson.

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