Lesson 41 | Numbers in Swedish

Hello and welcome to MySwedish learning corner again! It is going to be fun today. This lesson is going to talk about numbers, time, money and dates.

MySwedish Lesson 41 Numbers in Swedish

Numbers in Swedish

When it comes to languages it is always good to be cautious and get to know the small differencies. It will make you look more native-like and confident.

Let’s start with the ordinal numbers. The table below shows how to deal with it in Swedish:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th … 10th
1:a 2:a 3:e 4:e … 10:e

Now let’s take a look at time. Swedish uses the 24-hour system unlike English which uses the 12-hour system. The tables below clarify this:

9 a.m.
9 p.m.

There are some minor differences in decimal numbers and number separators as well:

3,5 (tre komma fem)
3 000 (tre tusen)

The currency in Sweden is krona (crown) where 100 öre equals 1 krona. See the table below how the prices are displayed in Sweden:

23:- means 23 kronor 
45:50:- means 45 kronor and 50 öre.

When talking about an approximate number you can use the expressions below:

drygt 100 — slightly more than 100
tusentals brev — thousands of letters
1900-talet — 20th century
When talking about time:
Klockan är fem (minuter) över tre — 3:05
Klockan är kvart över tre — 3:15
Klockan är sex i halv fyra — 3:24
Klockan är halv fyra — 3:30
Klockan är kvart i fyra — 3:45

Note that the word minuter is often omitted.

Good job! This is all for today’s lesson. I hope that you find these tips helpful. See you soon in the next lesson.

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