Lesson 48 | Passive form in Swedish

We are going to talk about sentences in a passive form in Swedish today. We will become familiar with the usage and creation of passive sentences. Let’s get it started!

MySwedish Lesson 48 Passive form in Swedish

Passive form with “-s” in Swedish

What is a passive sentence and when do we use it in Swedish? Wiki says that a passive sentence is when the noun or noun phrase that would be the object of an active sentence (such as Our troops defeated the enemy) appears as the subject of a sentence or clause in the passive voice (e.g. The enemy was defeated by our troops).

Using a passive form is not that common in Swedish as in English. We use it when we are not interested or we do not precisely know who a subject of an action is.

Infinitive + “-s”

Man måste minska utsläppen. — Utsläppen måste minskas.
One has to reduce emissions. — Emissions have to be reduced.

Present -“(e)r” + “-s”

De bygger mycket på stan. — Det byggs mycket på stan.
They are building a lot in the city centre. — It is being built a lot in the city centre.

Past + “-s”

Vi använde bilar för mycket. — Bilar användes för mycket.
We were using cars too much. — Cars were being used too much.

Perfect + “-s”

De har tillåtit det. — Det har tillåtits.
They have allowed it. — It has been allowed.

But be careful

As usual, it is not that easy with the grammatical rules. Note that not all verbs ending with “-s” are in a passive form.

Jag trivs som fisken i vattnet — I feel comfortable (in this situation).
Man andas hela sitt liv. — One breathes all one’s life.
Jag hoppas. I believe.

This is all for today’s lesson. I hope that you like this lesson and find it helpful and interesting. Thank you for coming here and see you soon. Bye bye!

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