Lesson 54 | Abbreviations in Swedish

Hello beautiful reader, this is MySwedish and today I want to share with you essential abbreviations that are used daily in the Swedish language.

MySwedish Lesson 54 Abbreviations in Swedish

Most common abbreviations in Swedish

It may come in handy to know actively and passively the most common abbreviations used in daily Swedish on chats, messengers, e-mails and signs.

Chat-with-a-friend abbreviations

Add these words into your toolbox and nail your next conversation with your Swedish friend.

vsg = varsågod (you are welcome)
vgd = vad gör du ? (what are you doing?)
sj? = själv (and you?)
tbx = tillbaka (back?)
lgt? = läget? (what’s up?)
ngt = något = någonting (something)
ngn = någon (somebody)
dt = det (that, it)
oxå = också (too, as well)
e = är (is, are)
va = vad (what?)
spec = speciellt (especially)

Officially used abbreviations

You can come across these abbreviations in official letters, news, e-mails and on many other means of communication. I highly recommend to memorise the following ones. Please, note that this is not an all-in-one list. There are many more abbreviations used it the Swedish language. However the following ones are the most common ones,

osv = och så vidare (and so on)
mvh = med vänliga hälsningar (Sincerely (used in closing a friendly letter or other message)
mm = med mera (etc.)
t ex = till exempel (for example)
ab = aktie bolag (corporation)
ca = cirka (approximately)
d.v.s. = det vill säga (in other words)
inkl. = inklusive (included)
fr.o.m. = från och med (ever since)
bl. a. = bland annat (among other things)
lgh. = lägenhet (apartment)
obs. = observera (please note)
m. a. o. = med andra ord (in other words)
ev. = eventuellt (eventually)
m.fl. = med flera (and others)
f.ö. = för övrigt (besides)
ang. = angående (regarding)
kl. = klockan (o’clock)
ung. = ungefär (approximately)
f. Kr = före Kristus (before Christ)


That is all for today. We have learnt new abbreviations and are on our way to master the Swedish language!

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