Lesson 9 | Compound words in Swedish

The goal of today’s lesson is to talk about compound words in Swedish. This lesson gives you examples of such words and shows the funny side of compound words in the Swedish language. Let’s get the ball rolling.

MySwedish Lesson 8 Compound words in Swedish

Compound words

It’s always difficult to learn long words in any language. The Swedish language has dozens of compound words but do not judge the book by its cover, many of these could be memorised easily. They usually consist of two or more words and each of those has its own meaning. And do you know what the good thing about the long words is? You kill two birds with one stone while learning them and that should be encouraging, by the same token the long words are sometimes funny. Let me give you an illustration of that.

En jordgubbe


Very well then, en jordgubbe is a ground old man. And there you go, you know three new words now! I told you it would be fun.

The next word is from the animal planet and it’s en sköldpaddaEn sköld is a shield and en padda is a toad. Try to guess which animal could be a toad with shield … I wouldn’t solve this puzzle, it’s a turtle.

En sköldpadda


The next word that I have chosen is grönsaker. Grön is a green color and sakerstands for things. What should green things stand for? See the table bellow to find out.

En grönsak


What would one get if he mixes butter with a goose? It’s a sandwich, of course it is.

En smörgas

en GÅS — a GOOSE

I have found an article about The European longest words. The Swedish one is Realisationsvinstbeskattning, it counts 28 letters and it stands for capital gains tax. This one is a real tongue-twister.

We have learned several compound words today and their components. Now you have new vocabulary to study. Once you are ready, start learning the next lesson which deals with colours.

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